Bannok Blackhammer

Dour dwarven warrior


Lv. 3 Dwarven fighter

Hp: 36 Ac: Base: 3 Grapple: 6
Str. 16 Ex. 12 Con. 18 Int. 10 Wis. 13 Cha. 9
Fort: 7 Ref: 2. Will: 2
Skills: Handle animal (3), Ride (2), Intimidate (2), Spot (1), Listen (1), Climb (1)
Feats: Weapon Focus (Warhammer), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Improved Unarmed

Items: Mw Warhammer, Mw Dwarven Full Plate, Heavy Steel Shield, Mw Longbow

Attack: + 8 Warhammer (d8+3) or +5 Longbow (d8)


Bannok grew up as an elder brother. He trained with the guard, but when he came of age, he found the desire to travel and explore; to make a name for himself, like his ancestor Thalar Blackhammer, who’s armour he wears with great pride, ancient though it is. He did not get far, only his second human city, when he was accosted by a tall northern Mage named Skallagrim Eyvinsson. Asked to act as a bodyguard, Bannok was mildly flattered and took the job, as it offered equal shares who was he to complain?

He joined the team with a human ranger named Daern Umroth and a half-Orc cleric named Barrusk Strongarm

Bannok Blackhammer

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