Captain Phost

Captain of Redspan's guard


Eli Phost – Captain of the guard
Lv. 4 Human Fighter


As a young man born in the City of Redspan, and only a child during the invasion from Stonefist, Eli Phost grew up watching heroes, like Marshal Vallard, go out to defend the people from the monstrous beasts time and time again, to return once more, triumphant and brave. He knew men died everyday in the Duchy of Tenh, but he still strives everyday to be more like his hero, the great Marshal Vallard. Also common born, Vallard showed Phost he could be important still.
Eli grew up without a father, and tried to emulate his hero, Vallard as he grew up. Phost focused on his training and practice, quickly becoming noteworthy with a blade and catching Marshal Vallard’s eye. Proving himself to be brave, courageous and true, he has risen quickly in the ranks, becoming Captain of the Guard at a mere 24.

Captain Phost

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