Human ranger


Lv. 3 Human Ranger

Hp: 22 Ac: Base: 3. Grapple: 5
Str. 14 Dex. 17 Con. 12 Int. 11 Wis. 14 Cha. 14
Fort: 4 Ref: 6 Will: 3
Skills: 14 Handle animal (6), Ride (2), Survival (6), Listen (5), Spot (5), Search (6), Use Rope (3), Heal (3), Knowledge-Nature (2), Knowledge-Geography (2), Swim (1), Climb (1)
Feats: Track, Weapon Focus (Longbow), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Endurance

Abilities: Favored Enemy, Rapid Shot,

Items: Mw Longbow, Chainshirt, Long spear
Pet: Kalus – Storm Eagle

Attack: +8 Longbow (d8)


A young man of the north, Daern grew up in a small village, only a few dozen people. His father was a ranger and he taught his son his trade. One day, while out hunting with his father, Daern came across a northern Mage battling a few yeti. He was putting up what fight he could, but was clearly overwhelmed. Daern and his father joined the Mage and fought off the yeti.

Afterward the Mage introduced himself as Skallagrim Eyvinsson and thanked them. He asked if they would guide him and assist him until he reached his destination, a city further south, and he offered to pay with heavy northern gold. While his father passed, Daern took the opportunity for independence and to make some easy money. His father acquiesssed and Daern traveled with Skalagrimm.
The journey was not as swift as Daern had thought, and more fraught with peril. However together they prevailed and crossed the mountains. After a discussion, Daern agreed to continue to travel with the Mage. Here they met a dwarf that joined as well and a cleric, each being offered equal shares in all their ventures. A young man like his companions at the table, Daern was eager for adventure and hadn’t expected it to find him so easily, but with it offered up so quickly, the young ranger was eager to go.
He sent Kalus, his storm eagle pet to deliver a message to his parents, informing them and requesting his father’s blessing. It took weeks for the answer to arrive, but the news was good. Daern’s father wished him well but warned caution at all times.
Bow in hand, Daern stands ready to assist his companions and make a name and fortune for himself, like in mind to his companions Bannock Blackhammer, Barrusk Strongarmand the Mage.


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