Duke Enyeh the 3rd

Absent Duke of Tehn


Duke Jehan Enyeh the 3rd

Lv. 4 Aristocrat
Str. 12 Dex. 12 Con. 10 Int. 14 Wis. 13 Cha. 15
Fort: 2 Ref: 2 Will: 6 Base attack: 3 Hp: 23. AC: 20

Skills: Bluff (7), Diplomacy (7), Gather Information (7), Handle Animal (7), Ride (7), Sense Motive (7), Spot (3), Listen (4), Knowledge-History (3), Knowledge-Nobility (3), Speak Language (Elven)

Feats: Greater Fortitude, Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack

Items: +2 Longsword of Frost, +1 Full Plate, Electrum Medallion (signature of office in duchy of Tehn), Horn of Fog

Other: Heavy Warhorse (Tharkan) – full plate barding, military saddle, Horseshoes of Speed


The Duke of the Duchy of Tehn,
currently not in his own country, and hasn’t been in over a decade. While he sends small forces and attempts to maintain garrisons throughout his kingdom, his inability to fully reclaim his war torn country is clear in his continues absence.

He is a small, aging man. His hairline has receded far back, and his hair has gone to grey. He claims to have once been a warrior, though few indeed are the tales of his strength and courage in battle. He is a good man, though shrewd and overall practical. Though he wishes to return to his homeland, he knows that any number of enemies might rise up at his arrival and attempt to strike him down, fully destroying the country’s goal to reclaim its civilization.

Duke Enyeh the 3rd

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