Half-Orc Bouncer at the Cursed Remedy


Lv. 6 Fighter – Half-Orc Bouncer of The Cursed Remedy tavern

Items of Note:
- Bracer of Bull’s Strength (1/day)
- Bracer of Enlarge Person (1/day)


Durga joined the military at a very young age: 10.
The half-Orc was born a member of the Redtusk tribe, to a human captive in the Orc village. Upon seeing his mother slain by orcs of the tribe for defending him, he fled the village and eventually joined the ranks of Tenh’s lowest infantry. There he met a young man named Horace Wood, another soldier in the Tenh infantry. The young man helped the half-Orc adolescent survive his first few battles and soon Durga found himself a veteran. Horace left the army within a few years, winning some money in a bet, offering to take Durga with him. Durga declined, choosing to continue his career as a soldier.
Years later, when Durga retired, he found himself in the City of Redspan, in a tavern called The Cursed Remedy where he finds the proprietor to be none other than Horace Wood. Horace immediately offered his friend work and a place to stay, which Durga gladly accepted. He now guards the tavern, keeping it quiet and safe, business smooth for his employer and friend. Durga is gruff and stern, tending towards silence, while watching his barroom for trouble. As a soldier, Durga would rather throw out a problem then ask questions and so loudmouths will sometimes find themselves out on the street with to much threat or violence. Durga has grown serious in his old age, taking a no-nonsense outlook for the most part. His only real friend is Horace, he knows others and meets with individuals, but as for a social life, Durga keeps to himself. In addition, Durga does not drink himself. He has never been a drinker and generally abstains due to his view of drunks and their loutish behaviour. In some ways, Durga is a purist/


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