Horace Wood

Proprietor of the Cursed Remedy Tavern & Inn


Lv. 3 human warrior / Lv. 3 Expert
Owner of The Cursed Remedy tavern

- Ilisar Esgillian – Cook
- Durga Redtusk – Bouncer


Horace has always had a gambling problem. To date however, it would be hard to call it a problem, as Horace has alleys seemed to come out on top of his bets. He won the tavern he owns in a bet over a dog fight, he won the services of the far-too-talented in his kitchen on a bet in a horse race and his pockets are typically lined with the gold of other, less fortunate men from various card, dice and other betting games. There is very little that Horace won’t place a wager on, even some very reckless bets. However those, to Horace, just have the most potential gains.

Horace Wood

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