Ilisar Esgillian

World-famous Distillationist in hiding


Lv. 4 Expert – Cook for The Cursed Remedy tavern


While appearing to be but a young man, Ilisar is a half-elf. His life has been longer than most would suspect by looking at him and he has come quite far in becoming an accomplished brewer, known throughout the flanaess. However, he made a few poor decisions, gaining his talent for brewing and distillling alcohols from deals with otherworldly forces.
To make his long story short he found himself running and hiding for his life when his debtors came to call. He found himself in the Duchy of Tenh, before it’s collapse, where he I’ll-advisedly got drunk with a man he met named Horace Wood. He bet his secret to Wood in a horse race, trying to gather the funds to head further east, and lost. Horace now holds his identity and location over his head, having him cook and brew ale, etc. at his tavern else Wood should call the fiends from whom he hides.

Ilisar Esgillian

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