Lord Rockvault

Thane of Kelfast's Deep


Lord Hardengar Rockvault – Dwarven clan leader
Lv. 8 Aristocrat/Lv. 8 Fighter


Lord Rockvault is a stern, severe dwarf. He holds the title of Thane of the dwarves of Kelfast’s Deep. He is lord of the Rockvault clan dwarves and their smaller branches of family clans. He is aging, but carries his 450+ years very well, with the agility and abilities of a much younger dwarf. His hair has gone to an ivory white, though most by far hangs from the bottom of his head rather than sits atop it. He has two sons, his eldest, Trask, and his second born, Garn.
Rockvault is a strong, intimidating dwarf. He is often lonely, having lost his much younger wife during the birth of his second son, and his sons often away or avoiding him. This can make him seem gruff and blunt, but he is not ruled by his personal issues. As a clan leader, Hardengar Rockvault is beyond competent. He leads with and iron fist, but he is true and fair, even generous to a point. His clan, and family, mean very much to him, which makes his grievances with Trask all the more frustrating to him. Trask has recently left Kelfast’s Deep after a particularly heated disagreement with his father in fact. Though Rockvault claims his son is but throwing a tantrum, some worry he has run off.

Lord Rockvault maintains excellent if brief relations with The City of Redspan and the Tenhans. As his clan is seated in Kelfast’s Deep, his proximity to the humans makes trade the obvious choice. And where there is money to be made, Lord Rockvault will try to find a way to profit.

Lord Rockvault

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