Skallagrim Eyvinsson

Human wizard with vast ambitions


Skallagrim Eyvinsson – Lv. 3 Human Wizard

Hp: Ac: Base: 1
Str. 10 Dex. 14 Con. 12 Int. 18 Wis. 17 Cha. 11
Fort: 2 Ref: 3 Will: 6 Grapple: 1
Skills: 12 Concentration (6), Decipher script (4), Spellcraft (6), Knowledge-Arcana (6), Knowledge-The Planes (2), Knowledge-History (2), Knowledge-Nature (2), Knowledge-Dungeoneering (2), Knowledge-Engineering (1), Knowledge-Architecture (1), Handle animal (1), Ride (1)
Feats: Eschew Materials, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Evocation), Craft Wondrous Item
Attack: +2 Quarterstaff (d6)
Items: Aragor’s Spellbook, Mw Quarterstaff (Silver caps), Ring of Cold resistance (10), Cold Iron Dagger

Skallagrim’s Spellbook


Skallagrim was born in the far north, on the coast in a Viking barbarian settlement. Though it was a very unforgiving terrain, Skallagrim was born the third son of Jarl Eyvin, Chief of Hraggstead, the settlement, so Skallagrim wanted for little. At first.

Though tall, Skallagrim did not grow into a large Norseman, like most of his peers, whom he’d always felt more then a touch dim. Skallagrim’s birth was the death of his mother, leaving Skalagrim as the last son to be born to his father. As his father cherished his wife, he resented Skallagrim for the death of his mother, unintentional though it was.

As he grew up, he was constantly bullied and tortured by his two older brothers, who also blamed him for the death of their mother. To the boy’s dismay, his resentful father took little interest in these occurrences and when he did intervene, any punishments incurred were slight in comparison.

The torturing became even worse when his arcane abilities were discovered, as magic was still mostly feared and distrusted by the men of the north. He was forbidden from using any magic, meager though his talents may be and to avoid a section of the fortress, which had been rumoured to be the quarters of an old wizard, a tyrant necromancer of old. Though he had greatly wished to investigate, it was watched closely and he was forced to avoid it.

Refuge came in the form of Berdrigan, an old librarian, who sheltered Skallagrim and encouraged, even aided in his magical growth, unbeknownst to his kin. Over a few short years, Skallagrim came to see great value in his abilities, and had come to see Berdrigan as a father-figure as well. Though both were widely disliked, he was not alone, and it was enough.

Then his father died. It was his fault, though nobody knew it. He broke into the forbidden room, agains everybody’s, especially Berdrigan’s, will. He found a trove of magic, staffs and books and more. But he had only touched the first spellbook when a great fire elemental arose, a guardian of the treasure.

Skallagrim barely escaped with his life and the tome he carried, the elemental destroying all behind him as it gave chase. As the fire spread, many became involved and only after a great pitched battle did they defeat the thing and put out the malevolent flames. But by then many had die, Jarl Eyvin among them.

Skallagrim didn’t wish to go to the funeral, not knowing what his brothers would be like. Berdrigan persuaded him to, tagging along for support. At the pyre, Skallagrim received only cold looks, and so decided to leave quickly. Upon departing, Berdrigan at his side, Skallagrim was stopped by his brothers.

They had been clearly drinking. Bullying their brother even more violently then usual, Berdrigan stepped in, trying to stop them before anybody got seriously injured. The librarian was stabbed, ran through by Skallagrim’s eldest brother, Rednor. Skallagrim broke his father’s law against magic in public for the first time. He pummelled his brothers with arcane fury, spending reserves of energy he hadn’t known existed. He quickly dropped the younger of his two elder brothers, Halloran with a sleep spell, but Rednor resisted.

Skallagrim threw everything he had at his eldest brother, fury giving him unknown strength. But his brother withstood the onslaught, and still stood when Skallagrim had cast his last offensive spell. Rednor stumbled at him, sword first with murderous intent, and lunged his point driving right through Skallagrim and into the wall behind. He realized then, far too late, that Skallagrim had been just an illusion, cast mere seconds before. Now, standing unbalanced and unprotected, Skallagrim leaped forward himself, disarming his brother and, in a fit of rage, was about to kill his brother, but stopped himself short, the point set in the skin of Rednor’s face. He refused to lower himself to the level of his beastial brothers.

But, to prove he was the better, to make them fear to attack him again, and mostly because he felt like it, he spared their lives, taking Halloran’s left hand and Rednor’s right hand instead of their lives. He then retreated quickly to gather his things. He took his own merger gear and what few supplies and equipment Berdrigan had had.

Lastly he gathered his stolen spellbook, the secret reason his father had died, and left, never looking back. He struggled across the tundra and ice, nearly dying several times before being rescued by a young ranger named Daern and his father. Daern guided him to City of Redspan but eventually also agreed, along with two others, a dwarf fighter: Bannock Blackhammer and a half-Orc cleric: Barrusk Strongarm , to join him and adventure to make a name and fortune for themselves.

Skallagrim Eyvinsson

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