Threerock caves

The Threerock caves are a system of tunnels and warrens that lie beneath the foothills and peaks of the Threerock Mts. Not all of the myriad caverns, caves and tunnels connect, though some, in fact many, do.

It is a well known fact that the caves are infested with goblins. Specifically a tribe naming themselves the Threerock goblins, after the caves which they dwell in. They have only deepened the tunnels and created larger and longer caves to house their ever growing numbers since coming to live there.

The current chief of the Threerock goblins is called Wyglan. He rarely leads his forces out, causing few incursions against his home. Though there is never peace with goblins.

Goblins are not the only inhabitants of the complex systems of Threerock. Carrion crawlers, large spiders, even undead have been reported seen in the caves. Rumours also have it a ‘small’ dragon roam the region and many guess it dwells in the caves or nearby. The caves are also associated with various other dangers including ogres.

Threerock caves

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